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Have You Ever Rent A Dinghy? 3 Fun Reasons Why You Should

Rent A Dinghy - Dinghy Rental Marina del Rey

Have you ever rent a dinghy before? What is a dinghy boat? How do you pronounce dinghy?

What is a dinghy? A dinghy is a small vessel which usually fits at most 4 people. It’s meant to cruise around the harbour. It’s fun, safe, and easy to drive. It’s the perfect vessel to go and explore a local marina the marine life.

Rent A Dinghy - Dinghy Rental Marina del Rey
Dinghy Boat – Rent A Dinghy

If you never rented a dinghy before you’re definitely missing out. 3 fun reasons why you should rent a dinghy. Reason one, it’s the perfect small vessel to go and explore the marine life at a marina, such as sea lions, ducks, birds, and believe it or not sometimes you could spot dolphins cruising the harbour. Reason two, cruise around the harbour to appreciate beautiful boats, spot funny boat names, or just to unwind. Reason three, maybe it’s just you and your date and don’t need a large vessel, so why not just rent a comfortable easy to drive dinghy.

Sea Salt & Madona
Sea Salt & Madonna – Our Local Celebrities

We already talked about the fun part. Now regarding the most important part, safety, what is required on a 12 foot inflatable dinghy?

Personal floatation device (PFD)

It is mandatory that the vessel contains personal floating devices of everybody on board the dinghy. Life jackets are designed to suit several age groups. Therefore, if there is a baby on board, it is essential that you must have the best life jacket for kids that correctly fit the child.

All PFD’s in the dinghy must be Coast Guard certified and approved types, I, II, III, or V. furthermore, they must be wearable by the intended user and readily available.

Although not a requirement, it is vital to have a life jacket designed for dogs.

It is important to check manufacturer information as it provides valuable information, including type, approval information, size, and intended use.

Important aspects that should be considered for all PFD includes:

  • In excellent and serviceable condition
  • Properly stowed
  • U.S. Coast Guard certified and approved
  • Appropriate size and type for the intended user

Alright so how difficult is it to drive a dinghy? Well let’s put it this way, you will learn in five minutes or less, it’s definitely easy and fun.

Fire Extinguisher

It is a mandatory requirement for all vessels with permanent fuel tanks to be fitted with fire extinguishers. Even if you can easily unstrap your engine and threw it overboard, it is still critical to have a fire extinguisher.

In most cases, boats contain rooms with fuel or flammable materials, and it can be catastrophic in the event of a fire.

The U.S Coast Guard requires that 12-foot inflatable dinghy have any type of B-I fire extinguishers. The extinguisher must have a mounting bracket.

Although not a requirement, it is recommended that the extinguisher be mounted in a readily available and accessible location. Regular maintenance of the fire extinguisher is recommended.

Dinghy Rental Marina del Rey

Dinghy A Dinghy Rental Marina del Rey

If you ever want to rent a dinghy in Marina del Rey – you should check out our dinghy rental page.

How do you pronounce dinghy?
Sounds like:





Is it worth it to rent a dinghy?

It’s totally worth it depending on the location. Here in Southern California some of our favourite spots to rent a dinghy are the following:

  • Marina del Rey – definitely one of our favourite spots to rent a dinghy. Check out our Dinghy Rental Marina del Rey page.
  • Newport Beach – Newport Beach, a coastal city in southern California, is known for its large, boat-filled harbour. Fun fact, they’re over 4 thousand Duffy Boats just in Newport Harbour. So if you don’t find a dinghy to rent then rent a Duffy Boat.
  • San Diego Bay Marinas – The Marina district is a neighbourhood in the southwest section of Downtown San Diego, California along the San Diego Bay. It’s beautiful to cruise around the marinas. So why not rent a dinghy to commute around the marinas, explore some restaurants, and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

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