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MDR Boats, a peer to peer boating website, welcomes the charter business, boat owners and captains aboard! A more detailed boat owner FAQ can be found here.

Why list your boat and service with MDR Boats?

Our easy to use website will bring in new customers, with expectations matched to your business. We will refer tourists and off season customers for you to choose. With an easy to use calendar, you choose additional customers to increase your bookings, our captains provide flexibility to help grow your business. For boat owners, will put your boat to work for you.

We do this by putting the following four elements together.
1. Boats – you provide the boat
2. Licensed captains
3. Insurance options to cover a day charter for private boat owners
4. Customers will focus on the tourism market, especially international tourists, bring them to our beautiful harbour and ocean, for an unforgettable experience. MDR Boats is welcoming boat owners and captains to list your boat or skill with us.  Sign aboard today to become part of MDR Boats family!

How do I sign up?

Fill out the appropriate forms listed below to sign up.

Still have more questions?

You are welcome to talk to us, we are ready to answer your questions.




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