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We’re here to give you our sincere advice, even if you don’t book with us, on how to have the best Catalina Island Weekend Getaway. Just 35 nautical miles off Marina Del Rey is the beautiful and spectacular Santa Catalina Island.

Santa Catalina, one of California’s Channel Islands, lies southwest of Los Angeles. It’s known for its wildlife, dive sites and Mt. Orizaba, its highest peak. The resort town of Two Harbors lies north. To the south, in the city of Avalon, palm trees and cabanas line Descanso Beach. Avalon’s circular, art deco Catalina Casino is a cultural centre with a movie theatre, ballroom and museum.


What is special about Catalina Island?

THE EPIC BEACHES. It is an island in sunny Southern California, after all, but what makes Catalina’s beaches truly special is the unique white sand and crystal clear waters, reminiscent of a South Pacific paradise. From Moonstone Beach, scenic beach with rugged coastline, to Lovers Cove, lovely snorkel site.

Charter To Catalina Island - Sunrise

Charter To Catalina Island – Sunrise

Beautiful Catalina Island

Take a look at this video from a local who grew up in Catalina Island.

Things to do in Catalina Island?

So Catalina Island has plenty of thing to do? Like literally a weekend at Catalina Island wouldn’t be enough time to to actually explore the entire island and its fun activities.

Top 3 Things to Do in Catalina Island in a day:

  1. Catalina Museum For Art & History. If you only have one day, believe it or not, it’s strongly recommended to visit this amazing museum. It will inspire you to take another trip to Catalina Island in the near future with more proper time to explore more of this amazing island. Trust us, if you can, please visit this museum. Check out their site for more information.
  2. Step Beach. Why? Well why not. It’s literally next to the pier. Hang out there for at least half an hour before going anywhere else. Get your feet wet. Smile at life.
  3. Buena Vista Point Scenic Overlook aka Iconic Viewpoint On The Island. A trip to Avalon is incomplete without taking a picture at the Buena Vista Point. With the Crescent Beach and harbor glimmering in the azure waters, the row of beautiful houses also add majesty to the panorama, which reaches till the gently rolling hills in the distance. The iconic Catalina Casino is also a part of the view, making Buena Vista one of the best lookout points on the island. Like the one below.
Buena Vista Point Scenic Overlook aka Iconic Viewpoint On The Island

How to get to Catalina Island?

Three options to get to Catalina Island.

Option One: Take the ferry. The ferry is definitely the most economical way to get to Catalina Island. Round trip per person as of April 2022 is $76 per adult roundtrip. That doesn’t include parking of your vehicle. It is a reasonable price and the most economical. We strongly suggest booking in advance instead of last minute. Check out Catalina Express Ferry for schedules and prices. Word to the wise, if this is your first time to Catalina Island, this option is not a bad idea at all. You don’t brake the bank and will get inspired to return but next time with a much ambition attitude to explore the rest of the island. Also, you could camp, which the average price per person is $30 per night.

Option Two: Take a helicopter flight from Long Beach to Avalon. Thats right, if you get sea sick, or want to arrive the fastest possible way, then take a helicopter ride. Roundtrip depending on the date and time per person is $300 – check out IEX Helicopters for more info. By the way, this is not an affiliate link, we’re just sharing our research. Feel free to shop around and maybe you could find another helicopter company that is more convenient.

Option Three: take your own boat, a friends boat, or charter a private boat. If you have your own boat and still haven’t taken it to Catalina Island, shame on you, but if you have then lucky you. If your friend has a boat and has free time, then by all means, offer to cook, pitch in for gas, or whatever floats your boat but if you could convince your boater friend to take their boat to Catalina Island, then by all means, make it happen. Nothing compares to getting to Catalina Island on a boat instead of a ferry – no offence Catalina Express Ferry. Now if you don’t have a friend who has a boat, maybe you do but that friend is weird or doesn’t have time, then by all means, book a private charter from us.

For a limited time only during spring, book a Catalina Island Weekend Getaway, for a low price of $1,000 per day on a luxury sailboat for up to six people.




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